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Wedding Services

BRIDE -  $95



Our customized wedding applications are the ultimate in relaxation, pampering and personalized service! A thirty minute consultation is scheduled upon booking so that you may get to know your makeup artist and discuss the look you are hoping to achieve for your big day. We come to the location of your choosing on your wedding day where you will enjoy a complimentary skin care application and a customized look that maximizes your features and gives you an unmistakably confident glow. The customized look for each beauty that sits in our chair is based on the individuals skin tone, face shape and skin type; while also reflecting both the tone of the wedding and each individuals unique personality. Anything from dramatic glam to understated radiance is possible!

 TRIAL RUN -  $50

 This appointment is conducted at our location in Harmony Twp. (zip code 15003) and takes approximately 1 hour. We will chat with you about the type of makeup look you are hoping for, and will then work with you to create that customized look for the day of your event.


Includes an Artistry Signature Light-Up Lip Gloss and blotting papers to help keep your customized application looking fresh until the last song plays at the reception. **This kit is gifted to our brides as part of their bridal services purchase.

***Please contact us with questions about available package discounts and contractual policies.

make-up services

Basic Application - $60

This application is customized for the clients’ age, skin type, skin tone and face shape. The color pallet used is made up of all neutral hues for a very soft, natural look. We love our basic application!! Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This application is beautifully simple and recommended for the client looking to be maximized for a photo shoot, school dance or special dinner event.

*Takes place at our home location in Harmony Township (zip code 15003).

On-Location MakeUp Application - $80

Your My Image MakeUp Artist arrives at a predetermined time at the location of your choosing. This application takes approximately 40 minutes and is customized to fit the skin tone, age, position and personality of the woman in the chair. It also includes an age-appropriate skin care application prior to applying makeup.

*A Travel fee of $0.55 per mile is applied for locations in excess of 20 miles from zip code 15003.

Bikini Competitor Application - $115

We'll be there for you when the sun comes up! Literally. Your My Image makeup artist will create a custom application that compliments your suit and your tan. Our prestige product line makes it possible to match the tone of your tan, eliminating the harsh foundation line that often occurs at the jawline. You will be able to sit back and relax as you prep your mind to slay the stage! 


MakeUp Basics - $75 

Teaching women how to choose color pallets and confidently apply their makeup is one of our passions! MakeUp Basics can be scheduled as a one-on-one appointment OR in small groups (price per person determined by total number booked). During this hands-on session you will learn how to properly choose colors that compliment your skin tone, eye and hair color; as well as tips and tricks to confidently applying your makeup to achieve a flawless daily look. This appointment is conducted at our location in Harmony Twp. (zip code 15003)

Skin care services

Skin Scan - $55

This is an analysis of the face performed by one of the certified skin analysts on our team. Using UVA light, the skin analyst will determine your skin type, treatable skin conditions and potential skin concerns. Performing a skin scan enables us to determine the best skin care solutions for you and develop a customized skin care routine and product list.

Facials - $40

Starts with a mineral bead exfoliant, followed by a gentle-foaming cleanser and then your choice of masque — Hydrating, Firming, Purifying, Polishing or Brightening — in either full-face or customized multi-zone application. This service also includes toner and moisturizer application to provide a layer of protection from pollutants and weather.

Skin Refinishing Treatment - $60

Providing results similar to a Microdermabrasion without the redness, irritation and skin cell damage! A polishing exfoliation is used, followed by a gentle-foaming exfoliating cleanser. Then, the skin is toned to prep for treatment and the advanced refinishing treatment is used to unclog and reduce the size of pores, suppress excess oil production and smooth the skins' texture. The final step is a gentle massage with a moisturizer complimenting your individual skin type.

Intensive Renewing Peel - $75

The most amazing 10 minute treatment out there! Yielding results similar to a chemical peel without the redness, irritation and risk. First, a gentle-foaming cleanser is used to cleanse and begin the exfoliation process of dead cells. That is followed by the application of our intensive renewing peel, which works to naturally resurface the skin and bring the pH of your skin back to a balanced 5.5. While this is an intensive treatment, it has a built-in safety measure to ensure that there is no damage done to healthy skin cells. Once the pH reaches 5.5, the peel automatically stops the rapid exfoliation: a process that takes approximately 8 minutes. The final step of this treatment is a Luxury Creme application that deeply moisturizes and smoothes the skin cells, while working to make the skin behave up to 10 years younger.

*A Travel fee of $0.55 per mile is applied for locations in excess of 20 miles from zip code 15003.