Every time I have the opportunity to teach, I start with the same statement:

There is no wrong way to beautiful.

If there is any truth to be found in the beauty industry today, it’s in that statement. Every woman is created with different features and coloring and abilities; no two being exactly alike. That makes the idea of a standard of beauty completely ridiculous and nothing more than marketing ploys for sales. 

All things beauty and fashion are subject to change and dictated by preferences. It’s like that saying: Opinions are like belly buttons- everybody has one. And that goes for makeup artists too! We’ve all adapted what we’ve learned to fit our own personal style and comfort for ease and efficiency of application. We all have our preferred set of products and tools. And each of us has our own way of carrying out methods of makeup application.

When I realized all of this in my first year, I made it my mission to make sure that I never made any woman feel as if their way of making themselves beautiful was wrong. No matter if your preferred look is natural, glamorous, romantic, soft, bold, dramatic, etc:  Your way of stating your beauty is always right. As long as it’s right for you.

SO- that being said… I’d love to talk about one of my must have products when it comes to applying makeup. Whether you use a product like this or not is completely up to you! Experience has shown me how beneficial it is, and that’s what I’d like to share with you. As with any makeup product chats on this blog, I won’t be telling you what’s right vs what’s wrong…I’ll simply give advice based on personal experience and let you choose what works best for you. All positive vibes here! Deal?

Ok, then…

I’d like to talk about primer. Not the stuff that you paint on the wall before actually painting… But basically the same principle! I’m talking about the little tube of lightweight, lotion-like product that gets applied before any other makeup. It’s more of a skin care product, if you ask me, but most classify it as a cosmetic product. 

A primer (at least a good one) serves as the last step of a skin care routine and the first step of a makeup application, all at the same time. The most beneficial skin care routines (as I’ve written about before) have a minimum of 3 steps: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer. Then, of course, adding a step for any treatment products as we age and find them necessary. And this is where a good primer could be viewed as a fifth step…

There have been significant strides made in recent years in the science of skin care and cosmetics; in the understanding of how ingredients interact with each other, the skin and the environment. One of the things we now know is that putting SPF in moisturizer effects the skins ability to absorb and maintain maximum moisture, which is why you see the recent flood of super moisture products hitting the market without SPF in the moisturizer. This is where a high quality primer comes in! Primer serves as a barrier that helps preserve moisture in the skin cells AND contains the SPF needed to protect your face from daily exposure to UV light.

Now we enter the into the part of the conversation where a primer can also be the first step in your makeup application… Another development in the understanding of ingredients is that we know now that SPF interacts with certain types of light: namely flash photography. This is why you are seeing a shift in the amount of SPF in the newly released foundation product lines; if they still contain an SPF at all. Again- this is where a high quality primer comes into play! Primer provides the necessary SPF protection, while also evening out the skins tones to maximize the coverage and effectiveness of your foundation (both liquid and powder).

Personally, I use a primer for myself and my clients for the reasons mentioned above, and also for the simple fact that it provides a smoother, more even canvas for color. I choose to use the Artistry Exact Fit Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer; both personally and professionally. It’s affordable, premium quality product backed by five years of scientific testing that proves its efficiency. However, I am not so naive as to think that there are not other primers out there that accomplish these same goals that you can choose from! 

It goes without saying that I would encourage every woman, of every type and age, to find a primer that works for them. Whether you do or don’t, I truly hope that you (at least) found this information interesting and helpful. Regardless, I hope that you have found products that work well for you and the beauty you are wanting to create every day! God knows we need to take a moment to find our beauty and share it with the world, and I pray that you have an arsenal that helps you do that every day.