Happy Mother's Day!

To every experienced mom, first time mom, new mom, step mom, future mom...every mom struggling through a period of infertility...every mom grieving today over the loss of their beautiful child/children...every foster mom, adoptive mom and substitute mom:

TODAY IS FOR YOU. And I am celebrating you.

I am also celebrating the birth of my beautiful baby girl today. I cannot believe that she's already ONE!! Motherhood is exciting and totally overwhelming. This past year has been wonderful and awful and fun and challenging... It's been a year full of contradicting emotions and experiences. It's been a year of discovering my own unique motherhood. A year that I wasn't sure I would have.

I think the look on my face in the photo above says it all... The moment that the nurse hands you your beautiful baby, the emotion that rushes in is absolutely indescribable. It's like every nerve in your entire body is suddenly awake at the same time and your brain can't process it all. The only thing that you can think in that moment is that your life has been forever changed. And then for some of us: We can't help but remember the fight that got us to that moment.

My passion for moms started when I began my struggle with fertility. Several months into the journey of trying to get pregnant, I started experiencing a myriad of medical issues that no one seemed to be able to solve. After almost two years of dealing with unexplained symptoms, numerous tests and dietary changes, my husband and I were referred to a fertility specialist. We went through all of the initial appointments and preliminary tests, praying the entire time that God would intervene. I do not like doctors OR needles; so, the thought of enduring weeks, maybe months of appointments and shots was terrifying.

I admire the moms that are able to go through all of that! God knew that I probably wouldn't have made it... The week that I should've started the craziness involved with all of the fertility testing, my husband and I got the answer to months of desperate prayer. Our miracle was on its' way: We were pregnant.

It was a journey I will never forget with a conclusion I will always be thankful for! And it taught me an incredibly valuable lesson: 

Every journey to motherhood is unique.

I have had the privilege of serving many moms of all types in my chair over the past six years. It has been an honor to listen to all of their motherhood journeys; the good and bad experiences, the struggles, the crazy stories about their imaginative children, the pain of a stepmom dealing with ridicule over and accusations of not being a "real mom", the expressions of emotion as they're preparing to give their daughters to a man they pray will take care of her...

Moms are my favorite! 

So, whether your journey involved giving birth to a baby or the choice to unconditionally love a child birthed by another woman: YOU ARE A MOM and YOU HAVE A UNIQUE MOTHERHOOD. 

And while I celebrate my baby girls' first birthday...I am also celebrating you and hoping for the privilege of hearing your story someday.

Happy Mother's Day!