I have had the privilege of having women of all different ages, nationalities, sizes, shapes, and life experiences sit in my chair. I have known the joy of executing countless makeup applications and facial treatments for these beautiful women in my chair. I have shared stories, listened to stories and created stories with the women that have been brave enough to sit in my chair.

That's right... BRAVE ENOUGH.

If there is one thing that I have learned in the past six years, it's this: VULNERABILITY is exposed in my chair. 

I have yet to encounter a woman, no matter their age, that is entirely comfortable when they sit down in my chair. The only pre-requisite for sitting in my chair is a clean face: No makeup allowed. Now, for a precious few women, that requirement is not a big deal. However, for most women, it requires a courage they don't know they possess until it becomes necessary to use it.

THAT is the reason for my chair.

When a woman trusts me enough to allow her vulnerability to be exposed, I believe it is my calling to ensure that her courage is not wasted. It is my responsibility to make sure that she feels brave and confident when she leaves my chair: That she not only feels beautiful, but knows that she is. Not because she is wearing makeup or endured a skin care treatment, but because she conquered her vulnerability while sitting in my chair.

This blog is my tribute to the bravery, the courage, of the women who have and will expose their vulnerability in my chair. This is where I will teach, tell stories to and share photos with women who are traversing their own vulnerability in an effort to discover their own strong, beautiful courage.